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Sturgis Station House Museum

Sturgis Station House Museum strives to: collect artifacts and archival materials of historical or cultural significance which hold documentary evidence, past and present, of the people and their activities in the development and ongoing story of the community of Sturgis and surrounding area; describe, interpret and communicate through exhibition, display, programming or research opportunities, those items for the education, study and enjoyment of all members of the general public; and properly care for and preserve all items held in its trust, for present and future generations.

Excerpt taken from Harvest of Memories – Sturgis and District – A Century of Memories (1900-2000)

“The Station House is one of the oldest original buildings and landmarks in the community. Constructed as a railway station in 1918, the building served as one of the town’s main points of enty for over 70 years. After decommissioning in 1986, the station was moved to its current location and has since been utilized as the town’s museum.

The heritage value of the property also lies in its representation of early-twentieth century railway architecture. The station was designed by the Canadian Northern Railway’s chief architect R.B. Pratt and followed standardized design 100-72, used for Third Class stations across Western Canada. The station features a two-story design that originally accommodated passenger and freight traffic on the main floor and the station agent’s quarters on the second. In keeping with the style, the station has a hip roof, and dormers that protrude from a second story that projects above a gable roof over the main floor. The gable roof, supported by wood brackets, extends beyond the exterior walls to provide and overhanging shelter for the passenger platform. The building features a rectangular form giving the building a long horizontal axis designed to provide the building maximum exposure to the railway line.”

Location and Contact:

Sturgis Station House Museum
P.O. Box 255
306 Railway Ave SE
Phone: 306-548-5565
Fax: 306-548-2948

Hours of Operation:

May Long Weekend through September Long Weekend
Tuesday – Sunday 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

Memberships and Admission:

Yearly memberships are available
Single membership $5.00
Family membership $10.00
Upon request, donations of $20.00 or more are issued a tax receipt.
Adults $2.00
Children under 12 Free

Displays feature: First Nations, fur trade, general store, pioneer kitchen, school room, WWI and WWII exhibits, pioneer bedroom, crafts room, children’s room, research area, CN station master room with equipment of station agent duties, pioneer tools and equipment of barn and livery, homemade tools, and a CNR caboose.